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What does it mean for a Sample Ballot Lookup Tool to be 100% accurate? It means that everyone who uses it to research a particular election that the tool covers, from any address in the United States, should get a sample ballot back after providing his or her residential address that:


To obtain a sample ballot for your district, go to the Vote-USA website. Enter information on where you live in order to obtain a ballot. On the landing page for Vote-USA is an entry form to enter the voter's information. Search by either ZIP code or specific address information.


Enter your address into My Ballot finder to see the names of candidates and questions that will be on the ballot for your precinct. Find links to additional information about the candidates and ballots questions. Find by ZIP code: Go - OR - Search by County:


If you are interested in offering your property as a polling place, visit the Host a Polling Place page to learn more and apply. The next election in San Francisco is the November 5, 2019, Consolidated Municipal Election. To find your polling place, or to view your sample ballot, enter your residential address below.


Search for a Polling Location or Sample Ballot Address * House Number. Street. Directional * Street Name. Suffix * Zip Code. Find your polling location by typing your address below. Spell out Numeric Street Names: Example: from 4th to Fourth * Indicates required fields.


VIEW YOUR SAMPLE BALLOT. Enter your information in the fields provided below: House Number Pre Direction (if you have one) Street Name ... Zip Code. To use this locator you must enter the residence address. To move to the next field, press the Tab key. Pre-Directional, Street Type and Post Directional information must be entered using the drop ...


Other sample ballot lookup tools simply list a variety of sample ballots by location, requiring the user to select the applicable ballot. HIGHLIGHTS. As of July 2, 2019, at least 31 states sponsored sample ballot lookup tools; many of these were incorporated as elements of online voter registration systems. ... Address or zip code required ...


To find your Polling Place and/or your Sample Ballot for this election, please click the link below, and follow the directions given. ... Select Start Look Up, and Select your ZIP code. Step 2. Select your Street. Step 3. Select your house number for your Polling Place information or Select the text "Sample Ballot" next to your house number for ...


Find your poll site, look at who's on the ballot and sign up for alerts.


#3 – Below the heading, “Sample Ballot,” click on the letter/number to the right of the current Election date on the page with your registration profile.. This will bring up a new page with your sample ballot.