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Fast tax refund loans are loans obtained without a credit check by using the expected IRS and state tax refunds as collateral, according to Money-zine.com. While such a loan provides the lender with almost instant access to the money, it comes with a high price.


A property tax refund returns a certain amount of property taxes that homeowners have already paid, according to St. Louis County in Minnesota. The taxes paid must have exceeded a specific percentage of the homeowner's income.


If your state collects income taxes through Efile.com, you can check the status of your state tax refund at your state's tax refund website. These websites also provide a variety of other information about the specific state's income tax tables and regulations.


A tax refund estimator is a tool that roughly calculates how much of a refund taxpayers can receive for a corresponding year. Drake Enterprises' tax software business portal, 1040.com, features an online tax refund estimator.


According to the IRS, more than 90 percent of refunds are issued in less than 21 days. This applies to e-filing a complete and accurate tax return. For complete and accurate paper tax returns, refunds are typically issued between six to eight weeks from the date receive...


Taxpayers find tax refund information by navigating to the official website of the Internal Revenue Service and clicking on the Refunds tab. From there, the IRS provides up-to-date refund information via its Where’s My Refund tool. Alternatively, taxpayers have the opti...


A state refund tax calculator is a dedicated calculator designed to let users calculate estimates of state taxes and refunds, according to the Tax Form Calculator from iCalculator. State tax form calculators typically allow users to input their state and other tax year ...