To salt the rims of margarita glasses, take a slice of lime and run it around the edges of the empty glasses to moisten them. Dip the moistened rims into a container or wide bowl of margarita salt, and gently rotate the ... More » Food Beverages Liquor & Cocktails

Salt Optics is a company that makes glasses and sunglasses. The products come in a variety of styles, colors and shapes that feature the SALT brand logo. More » Health Vision Glasses & Contacts

The floating egg experiment requires two tall drinking glasses, two raw eggs, some table salt and one spoon. A side-by-side demonstration, using two eggs, shows the difference in densities of fresh water and salt water. More » Science Physics

The Top Shelf Margarita Grande recipe calls for lime zest, salt, lime wedge, top-shelf tequila, orange-flavored liqueur, lime juice and ice cubes. A cocktail shaker and drink glass will also be needed to complete the rec... More » Food Beverages Liquor & Cocktails

The ingredients needed to make 32 margarita Jell-O shooters are a 6-ounce box of lime Jell-O gelatin, 2 cups of boiling water, 7/8 cup of cold water, 1/8 cup of fresh-squeezed lime juice, 3/4 cup of clear tequila and 1/4... More » Food Beverages Liquor & Cocktails

In its simplest and classic form, a margarita consists of a mix of tequila, triple sec and lime juice served neat, on the rocks or frozen, usually with salt or sugar on the rim. The margarita is a very popular cocktail, ... More » Food Beverages Liquor & Cocktails

An easy, classic Margarita recipe combines tequila, triple sec, fresh lime juice, salt and a fresh-cut lime over ice. Sour mix may be used when fresh lime juice is not available, but most prefer the fresh version. More » Food Cooking