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DouglastonSalmonRun.com includes a daily fishing report for its portion of the Salmon River in upstate New York. Whitakers.com offers daily fishing reports that include weather conditions and suggestions for fish bait. 1880House.com lists multiple sources for fishing reports on several New York wate


Raft Wars 2 is a free online game in which a player fires a water gun at targets. It can be played online for free on Miniclip and other flash game websites.


There are several species of salmon within the order Salmoniformes, the majority of which inhabit the Pacific Ocean. Only one species lives in the Atlantic. Salmon are famous for their long migrations inland to lay their eggs. Unlike many fish, most salmon species can survive in both salt and freshw


Salmon live in rivers, oceans and lakes. They are native to the tributaries of the North Atlantic and Pacific oceans but have been introduced to other areas such as the Great Lakes in North America and Patagonia.


It is common for salmon to feed on other fish and zooplankton. What a salmon eats varies greatly depending on the region.


American Cruise Lines offers Mississippi riverboat cruises from New Orleans, LA all the way to St. Paul, MN and many points in between. Numerous other boats and traditional paddlewheelers offer day tours on the Mississippi River. Some include dinner, music or stops to visit historical sites.


Even if salmon is frozen or smoked, it eventually goes bad. Various preservation methods give it a variety of shelf lives, but the printed date on the package gives an idea as to when salmon needs to go into the trash.


Some good dry seasonings for salmon include brown sugar, paprika, black pepper, dill and garlic. To make a marinade or wet seasoning for salmon, some options are honey, maple syrup, lemon juice, lime juice and brine. Further additions, such as white wine, red wine, white vinegar, oyster sauce and ho


Salmon jump to clear obstacles in their path while travelling to their spawning grounds. Salmon hatch in freshwater rivers and then swim downstream to reach the ocean, where they mature. When they reach adulthood, the salmon swim back upstream to reach the spawning grounds where they hatched. To tra


The names for young salmon are alevin, parr and smolt, fingerlings or fry. Alevins are what salmon are called when they're first hatched. As they grow they're called parrs, and when it's time for them to leave their natal waters to head out to sea, they're called smolts.