is an online video service that gets rid of advertisements, related videos, inappropriate comments and junk from YouTube videos. The user is required to copy the original YouTube video link and paste it into... More » Art & Literature

“The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” “Police Squad!,” “Freaks and Geeks,” “The Vampire Diaries” and “Arrow” are some of the television shows whose full episodes are available on YouTube. Some shows are available for free while s... More »

To watch YouTube content on a Smart TV, start the YouTube app on the TV, access the Sign In page, and find the necessary activation code. Log in with your Google account on your computer, select the desired identity, and... More »

To convert YouTube videos online, travel to and find a video to convert. Then take the URL of the video and use a popular converter website like or, according to More » Art & Literature

Though Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron was released in 2002, there are currently no plans for making or releasing a Spirit 2. There are several fan-created videos on YouTube and other video websites, but there is no offi... More » Art & Literature

You can find a large number of Michael Jackson videos on the popular video hosting site Enter "Michael Jackson dancing" into the search bar on YouTube to view a list of the most popular Michael Jackson music... More » Art & Literature

It's possible to watch YouTube videos on a TV by using a set-top box or a game console that runs the YouTube application. They can also connect a laptop or tablet to the TV set and watch YouTube through a Web browser. More » Art & Literature