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How to enhance and prolong your sun tan without damaging your skin. ... But to avoid premature ageing and skin cancer risks, you need to take care for a safe, sun-kissed glow. ... 7 ways to stop ...


Tanning Myths: What's True, What's Hype? Before you head out to the beach or indoors to tan, test your tanning savvy.


The truth is, no tanning is "safe," as all tanning is associated with skin damage and linked with increased risk of skin cancer. You can tan more safely by practicing certain rules. However, it's best to use tanning products like lotions or sprays instead. Even better, avoid tanning your skin altogether.


The best way to get a healthy summer glow is to tan in small doses. Half an hour to an hour under the sun a day will allow your body to produce adequate melanin to aid you the next time you tan. It is important to choose wisely what time you decide to go for an outdoor sun-based tan.


4 Ways To Tan And Do It Safely Summer is on the way and you ladies are probably already shopping for that new bathing suit and accessories. If you are a guy, you are putting in a few more hours at the gym to look good on the beach. Many of you are thinking of that golden brown tan you are going to work on this summer that will be the envy of your office.


Safe Tanning Tips – The Safest Ways To Tan (…If You Must) Even though tanning isn’t quite as popular as it used to be, there are still a number of people who insist on adding color to their skin.


In their latest report, Fisher and his colleagues found a way to control the tanning process connected to that gene. After testing their skin-darkening agent in mice, they tested it in samples of ...


Sunless tanning products can provide a safe, natural-looking tan — if they're applied carefully and correctly. ... What's the best way to apply a sunless tanning lotion? Exfoliate first. Before applying a sunless tanning product exfoliate your skin with a washcloth. This will help remove excess dead skin cells.


Consider these safe summer tanning tips. Let's start with the latter, which dermatologists say have come a long way from the days of the orange-glow-in-a-bottle.


In search of the safe suntan. Published: September, 2005. ... But they're also looking for ways to harness the "tanning pathway" that might give fair-skinned people the protective benefits of having a tan without going through the hazards of getting one. How we tan. The conventional wisdom about how a suntan comes about has been that when UV ...