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There is no one way to determine a safe distance from street power lines, but a good range is between 10 to 200 feet from the wires. For high voltage transmission lines with larger cables and tall towers, a safe distance is around 700 feet.


The minimum distance when working on construction around power lines depends on the voltage of the power lines. The standard recommended distance is a 20-foot radius around the line, but the distance can range from 10 to over 45 feet depending on the voltage.


Use the online distance calculator tool on DistanceCalculator.GlobeFeed.com, FreeMapTools.com or DistanceFromTo.net to find the straight-line distance between two cities. Other names for straight-line distance include flying or air distance.


It is possible to get Internet via power lines in certain areas. As of 2014, the technology was being tested in select U.S. and UK cities.


In basketball, the three-point line is at differing lengths depending on the age and level of competition. In the National Basketball Association, the three-point line is 22 feet when measuring from the center of the rim to the sides. The top of the arc is 23 feet 9 inc...


It is not safe to repair your own gas line, as trying to repair a gas line without proper professional training can result in a gas leak, which presents a major safety concern. Hire a certified professional to maintain and repair gas lines, and do not repair them yourse...


Measure the distance from one place to another simply by using Google Maps. Point and click on the map to indicate a start and end point to measure.