Delete cookies in the Safari Web browser using the Privacy settings in the Preferences menu. The Privacy settings provide options for managing and deleting all or individual cookies. You only need Safari 5 or later on a ... More » Technology Internet & Networking

To delete cookies from your Web browser, open your browser, press Control+Shift+Delete, or Shift+Command+Delete on a Mac, and select the options for deleting cookies for your desired time frame. This shortcut works for m... More »

To delete cookies on a Mac, open the Safari Web browser. From the Tools menu, select Preferences, and from the pop-up window, click the Privacy tab. Once at the Privacy settings, you can delete all the cookies at once or... More »

Enable cookies in Chrome using the advanced settings in the Privacy menu. You can find the advanced settings on the Settings page from the menu button at the top of the Google Chrome Web browser. More » Technology Internet & Networking

Cookies in a Web browser are enabled by accessing the Options menu and the Privacy settings of the browser. Cookies, or small data files that track website activity, can be enabled or disabled from this menu. Enabling co... More » Technology Internet & Networking

Enable cookies in Firefox using the Privacy options in the Firefox browser Preferences section. You can find the Preferences option in the Firefox menu next to the URL text bar. More »

Delete cookies in Firefox by accessing your privacy settings and deleting the cookies associated with a specific site or by deleting all the cookies in the recent history. Deleting the cookies for specific sites requires... More » Technology Internet & Networking