The best way to accelerate rust on iron is to introduce acids or oxidants to the metal. Vinegar and muriatic acid are both excellent acids to use to accelerate rust. More »

Rusting is the process in which iron turns into iron oxide. It happens when iron comes into contact with water and oxygen. The process is a type of corrosion that occurs easily under natural conditions. More »

Rusting is a chemical reaction where iron is slowly broken down when exposed to water and air. It is categorized as an oxidation reaction; oxygen, water and iron react to form hydrated iron (III) oxide, which is known as... More »

Coke does remove rust from metal. It works on objects like nuts, bolts and corroded battery terminals. The soda is effective because it contains phosphoric acid, which is an ingredient in some commercial rust-removal for... More »

A common name for iron oxide is iron (III) oxide or rust. The chemical formula for this substance is Fe2O3. However, there are other compounds that consist of oxygen and iron, such as magnetite, which has the formula Fe3... More »

Hydrogen is important because it is involved in the process of enzyme catalysis and because it stabilizes things like nucleic acids and proteins. Hydrogen bonds with many different elements to form compounds. More »

Iron, a metal, is the 26th element on the periodic table. Its atomic weight is 55.845, and it exists as a solid at room temperature. Iron melts at 2,800 degrees Fahrenheit and boils at 5,182 F. In its pure state, iron ha... More »