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The Siberian Husky (Russian: ... The film Eight Below features six Siberian Huskies whose names are Max, Maya, Truman, Old Jack, Dewey and Shorty. In the horror television series Z Nation, a character adopts a Siberian Husky after its owner freezes to death outside his base, and the other dog turned into a zombie.


Siberian Husky names. As the breed name suggests, Siberian Huskies originated from Siberia. They were bred by the Chuckchi (even this could make a great Husky name!) who were extremely dependent on their help, pulling sleds in the snow and ice.

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SIBERIAN HUSKY NAMES Alaskan City and Russian Russian Town Names Boy's Names Girl's Names Adak Adrik Aleksandra Afognak Aleksandr Alena Aguikchuk Aleksei Anechka Akhiok Alexei Angelena Akiachak Aloysha Angelic Akiak Anatoli Angelina Akulurak Anatolii Anitchka


The Siberian Husky originates from Russia in the northeast region of Siberia. A few good Russian name ideas include Sasha, Nikolai, and Stefan. The Siberian Husky was originally bred by the Chukchi people that live in the area bordering the Arctic Ocean. Omryn is a common Chukchi name idea that means 'strong man'.


Siberian Huskies' names are often associated with Alaska, and a name like Alpine is a perfect description of the dog's snow-white fur. Dogs and Dog Advice suggests names such as Aurora and Tundra, which characteristically describe the dog's natural habitat.


Some believe that choosing the name for a dog is the same as choosing one for the ship. If you call an animal "storm", don't expect it to be quiet, and don't name a puppy "timid" if you'd like it to protect the house in future. Check the meaning of the word before naming your dog with it!


-That the Russian government closed it’s borders to exportation of Siberian Huskies during the Cold War.-The Siberian Husky is one of the oldest breeds of pup known. Considering all the interesting history surrounding this breed, with the fact that they’re doggone beautiful, we felt they were worthy of their very own Husky dog names page.


Explore 101 Husky dog names and meanings, including famous names and perfect names for male or female dogs. Learn about the Siberian Husky dog breed and discover thousands of other names that fit any breed of dog.


The word “Kamchatka” is a peninsula in eastern Siberia and it sounds great—unfortunately, no dog is going to respond to a word that long. There are many other names that are fine in some languages and not good in Russian and the native Siberian tongues. If you want a special name for your Siberian Husky, here are some good suggestions:


My little niece got a lovely Siberian Husky for her birthday and we'd like to give him a Russian name but we don't know any that would suit a dog. All the ones I know are called "Tsar," "Czar" (or some other variant of the name) but we'd like something more original. Could any of you suggest a nice name for him?