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Rural King review with 29 Comments: we purchased abattery less than 6months ago-drive car only to work-and it started not turning over so we took it to utozone whosaid... Rural King - Sold me a car battery that died les than 6months Jan 19, 2019 @ Pissed Consumer


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I know it needs a battery, and dropping $100 or so on a battery is hard for me to justify on a $300 car. The local Pick-n-Pull sells some used batteries, but they are around $34 once you add in the core (the car has no battery, so I don't have a core to turn in). Anybody know a good place to get a battery for somewhere in between these prices?


Maintenance free lawn & garden tractor battery. 12 V Additional Information 12V, Maintenance Free Lawn & Garden Tractor Battery, 235 Cold Cranking Amps, 25 Minutes Reserve Capacity, Wet, Charged, Positive Terminal On Left Side When Viewing From Front, 6 Months Free Replacement Warranty. 12 V


Scared the guy pretty good since he jumped a foot in the air. In hindsight I should have demanded a new one but this was the last step and I wanted to get out of there. This was at a Rural King. Battery has a one year free replacement and just wondering if you guys have any thoughts, ideas, suggestions etc... Oh and I paid $55 for it "installed".


Dura-Start Marine Starting Battery 12 Month. Deep cycle battery for accessories, trolling and moderate starting needs. Starting batteries for high cranking power. Tough designs to withstand rigors of demanding marine usage.


Rural King reviews: I was going to buy a $1600 trailer Saturday at 6:00PM i was told to come back monday so they could call the bank to make sure the check was good I'll never buy anything there again and will tell every. Employee complaint. Go there all the time. Incompitant Asst. Manager,..


Rural King labeled Exide deep cycle marine battery 27 series for $69.00 take in an old battery and get $12.00 core charge 24 series marine deep cycle is $64.00 Interstate batteries in Circleville is buying old batteries for $9.00 if you have extras setting around