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One example of computer simulation is the complex computer modeling of the movement of celestial objects that scientists use to discover how the moon may have formed. Another example is the Sims line of computer simulation games.


A hair simulator is a virtual hairstyle generator that lets you see what different hairstyles would look like on a person's face shape. Users can also alter the hair color if they would like to see what a new shade will look like with their skin tone.


A simulated test market is a market-testing technique that exposes customers to a staged advertising and purchase situations to observe their response to a new product. Output produced by the test include early forecast of sales and market share based on input of particular measurements from the sim


As of December 2015, some fun farming simulators include Farming Simulator 15 and Farmer Sim 2015. Farming Simulator 15 comes with more than 100 vehicles and tools. It supports both single-player and multi-player modes.


Some police simulator games include “Driving Force” and “Police Truck.” Both of these games have players taking on the role of a cop. These cop games and others are available on Awky.com and Muchgames.com.


A circuit simulator software is a complex set of computer programming codes that is used to replicate the behavior of an electronic device or circuit. It is used in many colleges and universities for teaching electronics engineering programs because of its highly accurate modeling capability of circ


A simulated diamond is manufactured through an unnatural process using natural or unnatural components. While simulated diamonds are fabricated to closely resemble diamonds, they are manufactured using materials, such as zirconium oxide, silicon carbide and aluminum oxide.


Parallel simulation in accounting is a computing safeguard used to check the validity of data gathered from a financial firm's clients; an auditor uses general accounting software to process data and then checks it against the data from the clients software, as defined by VentureLine. If the results


Credit score simulators include the Capital One Credit Tracker, FICO Score Simulator, CreditXpert What-if Simulator and Credit Score Estimator hosted by Credit.com. Interactive simulators allow individuals to learn how to foresee changes in their credit scores and better manage their credit and fina


A hurricane simulator is a man-made device that replicates the weather conditions of a natural hurricane in a safely contained environment for study. They are comprised of a fan, water tank and wave generator. The simulator creates the conditions of a hurricane by using high-speed winds to mimic the