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Running is healthy because it is good for the prevention of health conditions, helps with weight loss and strengthens joints and bones. A person can gain many benefits by running at least 150 minutes each week.


Some online running game for kids include "Assault Course 2," "Free Running 2," "Rooftop Racer" and "Race for Recovery." These are all available on PrimaryGames.com.


Some good quotes about cross-country running are, "Cross Country: no half times, no time outs, no substitutions" and, "The faster you run, the quicker you're done." Olympian Priscilla Welch adds a quote that says that the best time to begin running is now. Dr. George Sheehan says that running trains


?Run 2? is a free to play online flash game that is hosted by Coolmath-Games. Similar to other running games, ?Run 2? allows players to use their reflexes to avoid obstacles, while traversing a three-dimensional plane.


According to data from STATS, a global leader in the gathering and dissemination of sports information, it is possible for a basketball player to average around 2.72 miles per game. This number depends how much play time a person gets during a game and what position an individual is playing.


Published by Nekki, Stick Run is a game that allows a user to direct a stick figure through a series of obstacles. The rules are to advance the stick figure character forward as far as possible in the game without dying.


Most European professional players average about six miles during a soccer game; however, this figure varies depending on the position played and general fitness of each player, according to Dr Don Kirkendall. Much of this distance consists of low-intensity jogging or walking.


The longest running television game show is "The Price Is Right." The show began airing on television in 1956. For much of its run, the host of the show was television personality Bob Barker.


The objective of Cool Math Games' "Run 2" is to guide a character through a three-dimensional course using the arrow keys and space bar on a keyboard. The course increases in difficulty as the game progresses and introduces new gameplay elements, such as jumps and faster speeds.


"Temple Run" is an endless running game in which the player navigates obstacles and collects coins in order to achieve a high score. It is available for phone and tablet devices running Android, Windows Phone 8 and iTunes systems.