The rules of courtship in Othello involved keeping a relationship secret, using others to communicate between lovers, giving small gifts as tokens of affection, and giving a more special gift as a secret symbol of engage... More »

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In William Shakespeare's play, "Othello," Roderigo hates Othello because Roderigo is in love with Desdemona. While Roderigo is wooing Desdemona, she chooses to run away and marry Othello. More » Art & Literature Literature Classics

William Shakespeare's Othello, from the play, Othello, is a tragic hero because he enters the play as a strong, powerful character but is reduced to a man driven by jealous rage by the end. Othello has everything, loses ... More »

The military hierarchy in William Shakespeare's "Othello" consists of Othello as the top-ranking officer, or general, Cassio as the second in rank, or lieutenant, and Iago as the third-ranking officer, the ancient. Aside... More »

"The Gift of the Magi" is a Christmas story in which a couple sells what is dearest to them so they can buy each other presents, but they then find that the value of their gifts have been negated by their mutual sacrific... More »