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Hi, It does sound like a squeaking noise. It was very cold one day and I started to move the car and the steering wheel felt like there was a drag on it and it made this noise. I thought the power steering fluid was cold and not working but the noise continued after the car warmed up and still does it.


The first sign is noises when you turn. If the parts are not replaced, the car will also begin to bounce during turns. #4 – Worn Steering Column Bearing. If your steering wheel is making a loud rubbing noise when turning, the culprit could be the upper bearing on the steering column itself.


When I turn right while driving, I hear a metallic grinding/rubbing noise about every wheel rotation coming from the driver side. It sounded like a dust shield rubbing on an uneven brake rotor. The noise goes away (not completely though) after straightening out (sometimes), and never does it when I turn left. The grinding increases with speed.


I noticed this noise coming from my girl's 97 Eclipse about 2 months ago. When driving and turning the wheel just a little bit to the right or make a full right hand turn, there is a rubbing/grinding noise. 2 months ago the noise was faint, but noticeable.


Q: I upgraded my wheels to 2007 20 inchers. Recently, I started hearing a rubbing noise coming from the driver's side front wheel well while I'm making a hard right turn. It sounds like the tire is getting stuck or...


Grinding/Rubbing noise when turning the wheel while moving? Hello, 2011 RT: I have noticed that when I turn the steerign wheel to the left, I can hear/feel a grinding/rubbing sounding coming from the front end when the car is moving, especially on full lock. The thing is that I swear this has something to do with the brakes.


Yesterday I put on my summers and when my steering wheel is slightly off center turned to the left, I hear this slight rubbing sound, it sounds like it's coming from the front passenger tire/wheel wheel. When I turn the wheel slightly back to the right, it goes away.


Why does my steering wheel make a rubbing noise when turning? If you are hearing a loud rubbing noise when turning, it is likely that the problem is coming from the upper bearing of the steering wheel column. Another possibility is that the cover on the back of a steering wheel can begin rubbing against the covers on the steering column.


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