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Ummm, in case you weren't aware, when you load a character sprite (or any sprite for that matter) there is a solid color background. (I suppose in photoshop you can have "transparancy") there is option to choose your transparant color and your semi-transparent color (for XP) you right click on the background color and the RPG Maker turns that color transparent while in use.


RPG Maker XP Character Sprite Generator. Users browsing this thread: 1 Guest(s) Thread Modes. RPG Maker XP Character Sprite Generator. Argle-Bargle Junior Member. Posts: 15 ... The hard part is that each sprite part has to be split apart into multiple layers for color controls, as well as layers for overlapping, so while each part layer has 5 ...


RPG Palace is one of the older RPG Maker communities, founded in 2001 as a community devoted to Kamau's Legion Saga. Since then we've been through lots of leadership and lots of crazy personalities, but still kept to our village-style community roots. We have members skilled in RPG Maker from 2000 to VX with active projects who will be willing to help you learn how to build RPGs.


RPG MAKER XP is full of the functions you've been asking for, including game data encryption and a scripting feature that lets you change the very heart of the RPG MAKER engine. By improving the operating environment, the program can now provide support for a full-colour display and greatly enhanced graphic capabilities.


Well I found another character maker called Charset Maker which utilizes the rpg maker xp program - follow the instructions and make sure to download the Charaset/Stuff (resources) and put in the folders - also I found the add on, outfits folder had the clothes which should be in the torso folder so just put that in the correct folder.


Create Your Own Resources Online If you're not a great graphic artist, like me, there are several websites that allow you to create your own, thus: Character Sprite Generator (RMXP) - No longer ... Creators, Resources, RPG Maker VX, RPG Maker XP, Sprite Generator, Utilities. 8 Comments So Far: Anonymous said... Had to come by, Was just browsing ...


To my knowledge, there are no other sprite generators, but I've been known to be wrong before. I would love it if I were in this case, because another generator would be awesome.


The XP Generator. That is Macks sprite generator base. It is not "Enterbrain." Enterbrain had an add on chibi generator (Chibi Chara Tsukuru (ちびキャラツクール) character graphic generator was released on 2008-03-14 as freeware.). They Integrated character generator in RPG Maker VX Ace. If the clothing is from Mack too, then they are ...


RMXP Sprite Generator - posted in Game Development General Discussion: Hey guys~I thought I'd drop this link here, i've been looking for this site for.. well probably a month or two. I kept coming up with one of three search results in google.1. Charas-project.net ( Link ) : Though it's a great site, the sprites just weren't my style.2.