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Popular royalty companies include BMI, ASCAP and SESAC, reports The DIY Musician. Collectively referred to as Performing Rights Organizations, or PROs, these organizations gather performance royalties on behalf of songwriters and music publishers.


A royalty-free photo is a photo that a person can use as many times as he wants after paying a one-time fee for the license. The word “free” relieves the user only of any additional royalties; he must still purchase the rights-managed license that imposes restrictions on the photo use.


StockFreeImages.com and FreeDigitalPhotos.net are two websites that provide royalty-free images at no cost. SeabreezeComputers.com is a nice resource list for finding existing and upcoming websites for free royalty-free websites.


Examples of different royalty trusts include the BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust, the San Juan Basin Royalty Trust and the VOC Energy Trust, according to Aaron Levitt for InvestorPlace. Other examples of royalty trusts with significant remaining life and high yields include the Sabine Royalty Trust and


Royalty-free stock photography is a collection of images available for use without incurring fees each time the image is used. Royalty-free does not mean the stock photography is free of cost; the user still has to pay an initial fee for the ability to use the image.


Royalty-free images are images that can be used multiple ways without paying a royalty for each use. Generally, these images are stock photos that are sold by a company.


A large collection of royalty-free pictures of flowers is available for download at Public-Domain-Photos.com. The site has more than 400 flower images that can be downloaded and used at no cost to the user.


Royalty-free images of hair are available on Google Images and may be found by using advanced search options. Images available in the creative commons or public domain can be found by choosing the relevant licensing option on the advanced search page.


Websites such as iStock.com and ShutterStock.com provide royalty-free stock photos, but they ask for a subscription in order to compensate for access to their databases. Many stock photo databases require a subscription in order to use the stock photos or vectors found on their websites.


Getty Images, FreeImages.co.uk, Fotolia and Dreamstime provide royalty-free stock photography images for viewers in the United Kingdom. Some of the companies provide images at no charge, while others offer billing packages and plans for users who need royalty-free images for printed material, websit