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Delivery route planners include Route4Me.com, MapQuest Route Planner, and Speedy Route. Route4Me.com’s route planner offers a free seven-day trial followed by a paid subscription period. MapQuest and Speedy Route are both free to use.


Free train route planners are often available on state or regional transit websites. For example, Amtrak and NJ Transit provide ways to search for routes by location and travel schedule on their websites. These planners can help to identify available tickets, prices and more.


The AA Route Planner is an online route-planning tool offered by the UK Automobile Association. Visitors enter departure and destination streets, towns or post codes in the planner box and click Get Route to view step-by-step driving directions to destinations in Great Britain, Ireland and Europe.


A day planner is a tool to organize day-to-day activities and schedules. Planners come in both electronic and hard-copy versions. The book or online tool typically includes monthly, weekly and daily calendars as well as areas for notes and to-do lists.


According to the Advising & Learning Assistance Center, a good planner is reasonable, sets a workable schedule and anticipates possible setbacks ahead of time by being prepared. It takes practice and commitment to become a good planner, but planning skills can improve with time and experience.


The Mayor of London website maintains a Buses page for planning bus routes, as of October 2015. The page also provides a live bus arrivals service that can be used to see if your bus is on time.


Production planners improve an organization’s production and distribution process using their expertise on supply chain and distribution management. They organize paperwork, such as delivery schedules and purchase orders. They also keep and update records and monitor material prices and production r


To use MapQuest route planner for a road trip, enter your starting point in the route planning box, and add the address of each place you plan to visit in the End box, clicking Add Another Stop after each entry. Choose whether to make it a round trip, select whether to optimize your route by shortes


Free budget planners include Mint, BudgetSimple and BudgetPulse, as of June 2015. Mint requires access to the user's online banking accounts, while BudgetSimple and BudgetPulse do not.


AARP, as well as brokerage firms Fidelity, Vanguard and T. Rowe Price offer some of the best online retirement planning tools, states CNN Money. LearnVest and Jemstep Portfolio Manager are online tools for those in the middle class planning for retirement, explains Geoff Williams for U.S. News & Wor