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Roundtable definition is - a conference for discussion or deliberation by several participants; also : the participants in such a conference. ... 2 a Round Table: the large circular table of King Arthur and his knights. b: the knights of King Arthur. First Known Use of roundtable.


Roundtable definition, a number of persons gathered together for conference, discussion of some subject, etc., and often seated at a round table. See more.


Define roundtable. roundtable synonyms, roundtable pronunciation, roundtable translation, English dictionary definition of roundtable. n. 1. often round table A conference or discussion involving several participants. 2. Round Table a. In Arthurian legend, the circular table of King Arthur...


argus: According to American Heritage: roundtable (often round-table) or round table. A conference or discussion involving several participants. A conference or discussion involving several participants.


Round table is a form of academic discussion. Participants agree on a specific topic to discuss and debate. Each person is given equal right to participate, as illustrated by the idea of a circular layout referred to in the term round table.


---- A round table discussion is an excellent form of small group communication when the group is going to be a long term engagement. Roundtable discussions are extremely useful when it comes to ...


How To Facilitate A Roundtable Discussion. ... Let’s go around the circle and share a keyword or phrase that describes this round table for you? In the final minutes share either a Eureka! (Something that you learned) or a HMM! (Something you will be pondering) from today’s discussion.


This ensures someone is always checking tables to keep discussions productive. Roundtable discussion tip #5: Prepare a brief for facilitators. When you’ve set goals for your roundtable discussion, consider how your event might achieve them. Say, for example, your roundtable discussion wants to tackle a hot-button industry issue.


Having a clear theme or topic will fuel productive conversation at your roundtable, but facilitators should be well-versed enough for a deep discussion, especially important if your group takes a bit of time to warm up. I’ve moderated some roundtables where we’ve only had a few discussions points.


Roundtable discussions are a great way to bring people together to network, collaborate, and create meaningful connections between professionals. But hosting a roundtable event can seem like an overwhelming task. As an event planner, you want to ensure your attendees have conversations that are worthwhile.