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Go around and have everyone share their top three discussion topics Put a check mark by a topic for every time it is mentioned again The topics with the most check marks are the topics that you will discuss. Discussion Topics 5-15 minutes per topic State the topic in the form of a problem to solve.


/ Roundtable Discussion Topics. Roundtable Discussion Topics. Looking for a topic for your next roundtable discussion? Check out these 60+ printable PDF topics by IFCB. Becoming a Fool. A Joseph Calling. Time to Hear. Understanding Your Gift. Obedience with a cost. Will You Enter.


The HR Roundtable develops and regularly adds to a growing list of relevant and timely topics to cover via the contributions and ideas of its members and Board of Advisors.. Our goal is to ensure that each month’s topics are compelling, thought provoking, and allow for a wide ranging discussion by our members in attendance.


Round Table Discussion Topics. Precipitating Change in the SCS: A Focus on Undergraduate Education. Moderator: Helen Cullyer (Society for Classical Studies) This roundtable centers on a large question. How can the SCS best support undergraduate Classics programs?


One of these such discussion types is the “roundtable.” The title is descriptive—the participants sit at a literal round table, usually, or at least in a circle, implying no hierarchy, and each in turn contributes his or her ideas and expertise on the topic.


Roundtable Topics and Talking Points Thank you for agreeing to serve as moderator for a roundtable/breakout session. Below are several tips and the discussion points for all the breakout session as a reference only. Tips for facilitators – Your group will all have the talking points in their registration packets (color coded by session.)


Topics to be discussed at the round table include: · What is the role of cyber security in terms of boosting innovation in the cyberspace? What kind of services should we look for and who should provide them (government, private sector, public-private partnerships, etc.).


II. Roundtable Discussion Issues One format for a roundtable is to have the questions prepared in advance and provided to the participants. If this is the chosen methodology, identify the key topics the roundtable is to address. Then develop thought-provoking, open-ended questions to get at and discuss the issues surrounding these topics.


A key role in any roundtable is the moderator. This is the person chairing and often leading the discussion. This can be a tricky person to find especially if you’re working with sponsors on a roundtable. This person has to be articulate, confident and knowledgeable about the topics discussed.


365 Table Topics Questions: 1. When was the last time you tried something new? 2. Who do you sometimes compare yourself to? 3. What’s the most sensible thing you’ve ever heard someone say?