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Finally, why is the rock round? If the specimen at hand is round or even a bit worn, there is the opportunity to close the story with a stage that may come right up to the present moment. Do rocks break in round shapes? Common experience with bricks and cinder blocks would suggest not.


A geode is a round rock which contains a hollow cavity lined with crystals. Rocks which are completely filled with small compact crystal formations such as agate, jasper or chalcedony are called nodules. The only difference between a geode and a nodule is that a geode has a hollow cavity, and a nodule is solid. How Are Geodes Created?


Currently, the City of Round Rock pumps water from two different sources — wells and surface water. Wells drilled into the Edwards Aquifer provide a small portion of the City’s water, typically less than 5 million gallons per day. The amount of water in the Edwards Aquifer is dependent on ...


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Round Rock was the only Texas city to make the Top 10. In a CNN article dated July 1, 2009, Round Rock was listed as the second-fastest-growing city in the country, with a population growth of 8.2% in the preceding year. Round Rock has a strong public education system.


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Metamorphic rocks are sedimentary or igneous rocks that have been transformed by pressure, heat, or the intrusion of fluids. The heat may come from nearby magma or hot water intruding via hot springs.


The beach gemstones in the picture above are semi-precious beach pebbles (agates and amethyst) which were carried ashore by the waves. There is an incredible variety of beach stone gems that could be found while beach combing for shells. Especially jasper-agates come in an infinite number of color and patterns.


As with all other rocks, there are three beach stones types according to how they originated: Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary beach rocks. The first two types of rocks, Igneous and Metamorphic, are formed after molten rock from magma and lava eventually cools down and finally hardens into rock again.


Geode banding and coloration is the result of variable impurities. Iron oxides will impart rust hues to siliceous solutions, such as the commonly observed iron-stained quartz. Most geodes contain clear quartz crystals, while others have purple amethyst crystals.