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To use a root word dictionary, type a root word into the search bar of the dictionary to obtain the necessary results. Websites that feature root word dictionaries include LearnThat.org and MacroEvolution.net. These websites also feature a search function based on the starting letter of the root wor


Some examples of root words include: "multi," meaning "many;" "fort," meaning "strength;" "contra," meaning "against;" "micro," meaning "small;" and "bio," meaning "life." Root words combine with prefixes, suffixes or other root words to form English words, notes Reading Rockets. For example, "bio"


Common root words in the English language include ject, sect, micro, phobia and tele. Root words form the basis of new words and do not have prefixes or suffixes. These words are Latin- or Greek-based.


A plant dictionary contains a database of plant names and descriptions, to allow individuals to search for a specific plant and find information on it. Typical information includes the type of plant, how large it grows and ideal weather conditions for plant survival.


In a dictionary, if the word being searched for is a conjugation of its stem, the dictionary often shows the definition for the stem instead of the conjugation. If the word is not a conjugation, the stem is often found in the word origin or its related forms.


A list of root words for English is available at EnglishLeap.com and VirtualSalt.com. EnglishLeap.com features a list of commonly used root words, their meanings and examples of words that are derived from these roots. The list is in alphabetical order.


In the English language, root words come from the Latin and Greek languages. Some root words are English words in themselves, while other root words can only become English words when paired with a prefix or suffix.


Three of the best children's dictionaries available are "Webster's New World Children's Dictionary," "Thorndike Barnhart Children's Dictionary" and "The American Heritage Children's Dictionary," says Elizabeth Kennedy. As a journalist, Elizabeth Kennedy has reviewed and written about children's lite


Webster's New World Children's Dictionary, and its variants, are all highly recommended and popular on Amazon.com. The variants include Merriam-Webster Children's Dictionary, Merriam-Webster's Elementary Dictionary and Merriam-Webster's Intermediate Dictionary.


Rhyming dictionaries exist in both paper and online formats. Online dictionaries include rhymezone.com, rhymer.com and writeexpress.com, and they are free of charge. They are of particular use to writers of poetry, song lyrics and ad copy.