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How do you simplify the Square root of 162? Algebra Radicals and Geometry Connections Simplification of Radical Expressions. 1 Answer Gió Jul 21, 2015 ... How do you simplify radical expressions with fractions? How do you simplify radical expressions with variables? What are radical expressions? How do you simplify #root{3}{-125}#?


For example, 3 radical 2 (or three square roots of two) is the simplified square root of 18. So, let's look at this one: the square root o … f 8. The factors of 8 are 4 and 2.


Simplify square root of 162 in radical form? What is the square root for the number 162. Learn how to simplify square roots into radical forms. Discover if one hundred and sixty-two is a perfect square [SOLVED]


The square root of 162 is 12.72. The number can be found by using the square root function on a calculator or by estimating it based on the values of two perfect square roots that surround the number. Using simplification, the square root of 162 can be expressed as 9 times the square root of 2.


It has no direct square root. You could simplify it using radicals though. 162 2-81 3-27 3-9 3-3 So it would equal 9 (Radical or Square Root) 2


the square root of 18 can be simplified to 3 * the square root of 2. The perfect square 9 is a factor of 18. That means the square root of 9 * the square root of 2 = the square root of 18.


All the steps and work for how to simplify the square root {162} in simplest radical form [SOLVED] What is the Square Root of {162} in simplest radical form Chart Maker


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Simplify the square root of 162. A. 81, square root of 2. B. 9, square root of 18. C. 9, square root of 6. D. 9, square root of 2