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One tip for finding plans for a room addition is to browse plans by room type. Consider issues such as furniture, exterior landscape and lifestyle when selecting plans. Another tip is to browse multiple plans and options to discover plans better suited to your budget, available space and personal ta


Vaulted ceilings, tall windows and a fireplace are all popular ideas for family room additions. Other ideas include color scheme changes, such as implementing a neutral palette or adding contrasting, complementary colors. Changes in woodwork, furniture styles, carpeting and patterns throughout the r


Some family room additions include a bump out, sun room, conservatory, garage conversion or patio room. These room additions are great impartial building enhancements but may be high-risk investments. Adding a room provides lots of extra space without having to relocate the family.


Websites like PlanYourRoom and Homestyler allow users to lay out how they want to have their room, before they ever start building their home or redoing the actual room. PBTeen is one website that goes more in depth and allows you to determine a user's style of room first.


Some good ideas for second story room additions includes building more bedrooms, adding extra storage space or making a home office. A separate apartment can also be added to a second-floor addition with its own kitchen, bathroom and bedroom along with a separate entrance.


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Freshome Design & Architecture Magazine recommends My Deco 3D Room Planner and the Ikea Home Planner as good tools for interactive room planning. These sites allow users to enter their homes' dimensions and arrange representations of real products in their virtual homes.


When adding a patio room, think about making a sunroom, which is ideal for relaxing or entertaining, or adding an outdoor kitchen, states HGTV. Another option is to add an adjoining greenhouse for year-round gardening.


Sewing room plans are available at StitchinHeaven.com, BHG.com and RealSimple.com. NMSU.edu also provides general information about how to set up a hobby area in any room of the house.


Homes under 500 square feet always contain a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and a living room. A single room may have dual purposes, as a fold out table can turn a living room into a dining room or home office. Some home models have a laundry room and office space.