A variety of symptoms, such as loose teeth, difficulty swallowing and a sore in the mouth that does not heal, can be signs of mouth cancer, according to Mayo Clinic. Any symptoms that last more than two weeks should be c... More »

Common symptoms of oral cancer in dogs include excessive drooling, bad breath and difficulty eating. Bleeding from the mouth, weight loss and loose teeth are other common symptoms. More »

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Some causes for a white bump on the roof of the mouth are mucoceles, Epstein pearls and oral cancer. Although Epstein pearls and mucoceles are harmless bumps or growths that tend to form on the palate, oral cancer is mor... More »

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Some signs of mouth cancer include a sore that does not heal, red or white patches, tongue pain, loose teeth and feeling like something is caught in the throat, according to Mayo Clinic. Other symptoms include a painful ... More »

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Some symptoms of spinal tumors include back pain that may radiate to other parts of the body, difficulty walking, loss of bladder or bowel function and loss of sensation, particularly in the legs or arms, according to Ma... More »

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According to the Better Health Channel, symptoms of an infected wisdom tooth are a reddened, inflamed gum near the wisdom tooth; pain; pus along the gum line; enlarged and sore lymph glands under the jaw, fever; and diff... More »

Some of the signs and symptoms associated with Parkinson's disease include difficulty in walking, pain in the muscles, difficulty in balancing, difficulty in speaking or writing and tremors. Parkinson's disease is a cond... More »

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