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The popular comedian Ron White is still alive; he is in the middle of his "Rontourage" comedy tour as of May 2015. He and fellow performer Larry the Cable Guy have recently mourned the death in 2014 of fellow country genre comedian Tim Wilson.


A comedy is a performance with a happy ending where good wins out over all the problems in the story. It is meant to make its audience laugh. A comedy comes in the form of movies, plays or television shows and is intended mostly for entertainment, though it sometimes ho...


"The next time you have a thought... let it go" and "Diamonds - that'll shut her up... for a minute" are popular Ron White jokes. The most famous Ron White joke is, "You can't fix stupid."


A comedy movie is a film in which the main intent is to make the audience laugh. While comedy movies are typically lighthearted, they can also address darker themes. Some comedy subgenres include slapstick, black comedy and parody.


Some of Ron White's tours were located in Nevada, Florida, Washington, New York and New Jersey. Ron White is best known as a member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour with Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy and Bill Engvall. In 2015, White announced that he is running for ...


Oxford Dictionaries defines comedy as professional entertainment that is meant to make audiences laugh. According to WebMD, scientific research has shown that laughter has significant health benefits. One study showed that the laughter a group of people experienced when...


Some of the funny comedy movies are "Annie Hall," "Blazing Saddles," and "Duck Soup." These films were created by Woody Allen, Mel Brooks and the Marx Brothers, respectively, all of whom are well-known for their comedy movies.