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9 definitions of ROM. Definition of ROM in Military and Government. What does ROM stand for?


ROM Government abbreviations defined. What does ROM stand for in Government terms? Top ROM abbreviation in Government category: Rough Order of Magnitude


Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) Calculation for Unresolved CAS Cost Impact Issues 2 may impact the Government’s ability to recover the amounts owed. Recovering increased costs that may have been paid by the Government, which resulted from the contractors’ accounting


Cost Plus (CP) contracting is the least risky of all contract types and you are assured of receiving every dollar of cost incurred under this type of contract. The lower the risk to the contractor the lower the expected negotiated profit rate you can expect, since the government considers risk the principal factor in profit negotiation.


With the extensive list of potential suppliers, rough order of magnitude (ROM) costs for a cross-section of representative parts were solicited for tooling, casting, inspection and testing, and machining and finishing.


Government Contracting Terms & Definitions New businesses in the government marketplace will find many procurement-specific phrases and terms not frequently used in the private sector. The following table lists some of the most commonly used procurement-specific phases and terms along with their definitions.


Construction ROM acronym meaning defined here. What does ROM stand for in Construction? Top ROM acronym definition related to defence: Rough Order of Magnitude


The Obligation to Collect and Report Data suite of forms is a three-part self-identity vehicle that allows us to comply with requirements of the DOL Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP). All federal contractors must, by law, collect data about each person that applies for employment.


Rough Order Of Magnitude Estimate. When a project is started and Requirements are not specified in great detail, the exact project Budget can not be calculated without mistakes (due to the well-known Cone of Uncertainty).Concrete numbers in this stage will lead to an ineffective situation in which you or us may experience loss.


What does ROM stand for in project management? 0. votes. First I want to clarify that I don't want to know what RAM (Responsibility Assignment Matrix) is. I want to know what ROM is. What does it stand for in the world of project management? Is this term any important (if it is, then how come I haven't heard of it before?)