A roller chain size chart lists common chain sizes and identifies key measurements. The specifications vary by chart, but they usually include the pitch, inside width and roller diameter. More »

Measuring a roller chain is a two-step process which involves first determining the pitch size of the chain's roller pins and then calculating its actual length. The most common measurement system used to determine these... More »

A Diane Gilman size chart is a tool for women to determine the appropriate size of Diane Gilman clothing to order based on measurements of various body parts. For example, a woman with a 30-inch waist measurement and a 2... More »

To read a size chart for kids' clothing, find the relevant measurements for height, chest and waist in the rows of the table, and match these measurements to the size listed in the corresponding column. Size charts for y... More »

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To correctly use an underwear size chart, use a fabric measuring tape and pen and paper to record the measurements. Weight might also be necessary, depending on the size chart. Measure the distance around the waist and h... More »

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A jeans size chart is a number table that lists all the sizes for jeans and their equivalent measurements. This enables shoppers to find the correct size and fit. More »

To use the Jobst size chart for medical compression stockings, base the size you select on the measurements provided by the chart. A size chart is available on Jobst-USA.com, as of 2015. More »

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