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A rolling year is a period of 12 months that begins and ends on a set day. Rolling years are sometimes used by government agencies and corporations.


Babies can begin rolling over as early as 4 months, but most babies begin rolling between 5 and 6 months. Babies usually roll from belly to back first and then from back to belly. Placing the baby on his or her tummy, while he or she is awake, encourages rolling.


Dogs roll on their backs for many reasons, from scent marking to showing submission. Context clues and general body language can help humans determine why dogs are rolling on their backs.


A rolling contract is a contract that has no defined cancellation date and ends only upon the request of one of the involved parties. Rolling contracts are commonly used in business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions, such as rental agreements and warranties.


A ball rolls because some force, such as gravity, the wind or a person's foot, acts upon it, setting it into motion. It continues to roll until some other force, such as friction, gravity or a barricade of some sort, causes it to stop.


A rolltop laptop is a computer that is flexible enough to roll around a cylinder with a carrying strap and a power cord. As of 2015, the rolltop laptop is not yet ready for purchase and is still being designed.


A roll number is a unique identifier for an individual's account number, normally a savings account, at a building society, states Experian. Wikipedia explains that building societies are financial institutions that offer banking services in the United Kingdom and other countries.


According to the Department of Transportation for the State of Ohio, proof rolling is a process where compacted soil is checked for soft areas in order to supply a balanced support system for the structure of pavement. If soft subgrade spots are located during construction, they are corrected so tha


FMLA Insights describes a 12-month rolling period as one that starts on a significant day of the year, such as an employee's hire date, rather than on Jan. 1. A rolling 12-month period is often used to calculate an employee's leave accrual and can be a different date for each employee in a company.


In the context of Easter, egg rolling is a traditional activity that can be carried out like a game; participants typically race to see who can push their egg the farthest in the shortest amount of time. This is traditionally an event in which children, not adults, are welcome to participate.