Police officers enforce the law and maintain civic order, according to the University of North Carolina Department of Public Safety. As part of their duties, police officers detect, investigate and foil crime, protect pe... More »

The main ways for police officers to advance their careers are through a promotion, through a transfer to a new work assignment or through a pay raise by advancing within their existing work assignment. All police office... More »

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The patron saint of police officers is Saint Michael the Archangel. He represents the values of chivalry, courage and justice and is also the patron saint of anyone who works in a dangerous job, including military person... More »

While each state has different requirements and oaths, the City of Nichols Hills, Oklahoma, provides a copy of the police officer's oath of office committing the officer to uphold both state and federal law. It emphasize... More »

Police subculture is a distinctive set of beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviors that are shared amongst the majority of officers working in police organizations. In the view of the FBI, most officers learn and become ... More »

According to MirandaRights.org, an arresting officer advises a suspect of legal rights as stated in the Miranda warning. These rights include the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. The Miranda warning a... More »

When filing a police report, visit the police station nearest to where the crime took place, accurately report the incident and truthfully answer all of the officer's questions. The police investigate the events before h... More »