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The role of any national government is to protect the safety and well-being of its citizens and the sovereignty of the country's borders. National government is authorized to act based on a legal constitution, federal laws and accepted civil standards. All citizens benefit from agencies and programs


The government pays for schooling in the United States up to grade 12, therefore, it sets the standards that are considered acceptable for how the school is run and what type of curriculum the students will focus on. This is mostly done at a state level with about 87.7 percent of school funding prov


The role of central government entails overseeing many areas that impact the lives of its citizens. These areas include finance, commerce, national defense and foreign affairs. Central government is also responsible for ensuring that all laws are necessary and proper. In the United States, the centr


The government enhances growth and stability of the economy. It provides the infrastructure and systems that facilitate economic activity while formulating regulations and controls to ensure order and fairness in businesses operations. The government may directly chip in to prop up the economy.


A mixed economy is comprised of private and publicly owned businesses that are regulated by governmental organizations. In mixed economies, such as the United States, the government is responsible for using laws to control or break up business monopolies.


Some of the roles of a manager include staffing, planning, controlling, leadership and organizing. These roles help an organization in faster realization of set goals or objectives. The manager is the chief leader of the organization and thus bares responsibility for the performance of the instituti


The role of the judicial branch in the U.S. government is to explain laws of the country, determine if laws are constitutional and regulate the federal court system, according to WhiteHouse.gov. Members of the judicial branch are appointed by the president with confirmation from the Senate.


The President of the United States has three main roles: to enact and enforce federal laws, to command the nation's armed forces and to oversee foreign policy. To help him achieve these goals, the president appoints heads of all federal agencies, including the Department of Defense and all federal j


An administrator's role is integral to the organization in which they work, typically consisting of varied office duties such as filing and management. Most administrators work regular, full-time hours in a single location.


Role models are important because they help guide people in the right direction as they make life decisions, they provide inspiration and support when needed, and they provide examples of how to live a fulfilling, happy life. When observing the behavior, decisions or actions of a role model, individ