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Role of External Consultants in Business Continuity Management In previous articles, we have discussed how risk management teams and the management can help in planning for contingencies. In this article, we look at the role that external consultants can play in formulating and shaping a company’s business continuity planning.


A key consideration for external consultants to develop their business in the long term is to explore ways to effectively partner with internal consulting groups and other internal support areas growing into that role. The important issue is that internal and external consultants are vital to an organization.


ROLE OF EXTERNAL CONSULTANTS SYNOPSIS The SA mining industry has traditionally done the majority of its own consulting work through the in-house infrastructures of the established mining houses. This is especially true of the technical and capital type projects. Overseas, and especially


External consultants, on the other hand, regularly draw from a broader business perspective gained from their vast experience with various clients, markets and sectors, and bring new ideas and best practices along to clients. Especially, the ability to benchmark in respect of other parties is a big advantage of external consultants.


Power and politics have long been accepted as often detrimental elements of change processes. An element of the political arena that has received limited attention, however, is the inadvertent symbolism associated with the presence of an external consultant or change agent. Presents a retrospective analysis of role symbolism of two consultants during a 14‐month change project.


Most of the literature about consulting applies to external and internal consultants — they have much in common. An understanding of the roles of each helps externals to more fully understand those whom they work with in organizations. It helps internals to appreciate and apply the many guidelines for consultants, as well.


External Consultant; External Consultant. Synonyms: External Evaluator. An external consultant is someone external to the organization who can be contracted to conduct the evaluation - sometimes they develop the evaluation design and sometimes they implement the design outlined in the Terms of Reference.


Due to the lack of concrete understanding of the role, internal consultants can be viewed just another pair of hands to make changes within the organization. Instead, external consultants are hired for the sole purpose of their expertise and ability to create change for a specific business problem.


Internal consultants play a unique role in driving successful change in organizations across the globe. Not only do they support the specific solution development and expertise—and sometimes the project management support—but they are often a key player in the change management activities that support project implementation.


A company may require a consultant to complete tasks that the internal staff cannot perform due to a lack of expertise, existing commitments, government regulation, or a need for an unbiased opinion. In such instances, consultants may work alone, team with other consultants, or partner with company employees to ...