Facilities management varies from one organization to another but the core responsibilities are to ensure a good working environment while maximizing efficiency and minimizing expenses. The facilities manager uses a vari... More »

Facilities managers are responsible for managing the processes and services that support an organization’s core business, according to Prospects. They make sure that an organization has the most suitable working environm... More »

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The facilities manager of a hotel is responsible for the operations and maintenance of the hotel. Duties of a facilities manager include providing janitorial services for the hotel, as well as overseeing hotel security. ... More »

A job description outlines the primary duties and responsibilities of a given position in a company, while a job specification outlines the qualities and qualifications required of someone in the role. Both are useful in... More »

The content that typically appears on an employee evaluation form focuses on rating the degree to which the employee meets or exceeds expectations within her position, covering specific responsibilities and requirements ... More »

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Developing productive work relationships is important because it helps individuals feel more satisfied at work and fosters a positive environment in the workplace. Productive work relationships built on trust allow indiv... More »

Reasons an employee may feel a working environment is hostile can include harsh language from a supervisor, unreasonable expectations, other employees making inappropriate jokes at the employee's expense, or direct physi... More »