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Putlocker does not cost money to use. There are two ways to use Putlocker, either by streaming the movie from the website directly or by using one of the third-party website links provided.


To watch movies through Putlocker, an Internet connection and a Flash or DivX Player are needed. Internet connection speed can slow down the loading process. To keep movies from buffering, press pause, and allow the movie to load in the background before watching. If the main video does not play, ch


While it is possible to download movies from Putlocker for free, it is illegal to do so. Downloading copyrighted movies without the express permission of the copyright owner is illegal from any website, and Putlocker provides online access to pirated versions of films.


The answer to whether watching movies on Putlocker is legal is unclear. However, uploading and streaming a movie without the owner’s permission is likely a violation of the law, according FindLaw.


It is not illegal to watch movies for free on Putlocker or on any other online streaming platforms, according to FindLaw. After the backlash suffered by Congress over Stop Online Piracy Act, legislation to regulate the Internet on a more strict level is still pending.


Watch TV shows on Putlocker by going to their main website using any Internet-connected device that supports web browsing or one of Putlocker's downloadable apps. The device used must also be capable of running a current version of Flash Player if running from within a web browser. Devices supported


While it is against the law to upload copyrighted movies to streaming websites such as Putlocker, it is not illegal for end-users to watch them, according to the New Media Rights website. It is against the law for users to download, reproduce and redistribute these movies.


Streaming content from free movie sites such as Putlocker is not an illegal activity in itself as long as the viewer is not downloading, redistributing or reproducing it, according to FindLaw. The content itself may have been uploaded illegally, and the person who has done it is liable for prosecuti


As of April 2015, Putlocker is free to use. However, legality of viewing linked content varies based on location and copyright laws. It's advisable to research regulations and copyright status before viewing potentially unlicensed content. Downloading even part of an unlicensed file is considered a


Putlocker, an online company that offers a "cyberlocker" service or video hosting, receives most of its revenue from advertising or charging for premium access to its videos. Putlocker's business model depends upon providing viewers unlimited access to videos that are streamed over the Internet. The