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Roger Schnabel Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height, Weight Roger Schnabel is a gold miner by profession and is very famous for this. Roger’s father John Schnabel is also one of the well-known gold miners of the world.


Roger Schnabel Net Worth Reality TV Stars No Comments Roger Schnabel is a famous American road builder and presently a reality tv star , who appears in the famous Discovery Channel’s reality TV show named , Gold Rush .


Roger Schnabel Net Worth 2019 written by Celebs Net Worth 2019 Roger Schnabel is a legendary man who has exhibited his skill and talent in the field of acute gold mining which has made him incredibly famous and popular across the world.


Roger Schnabel also owns his own construction company and is responsible for the making of roadways for over 40 years. Roger Schnabel’s net worth is estimated at $6 million, his main source of income is construction. Not much is known of Parker’s mother Nancy Schnabel.


Roger Schnabel’s net worth also about southeast road builders and construction Roger Schnabel is a legendary gold miner by profession and he is very famous for this. He gained his fame by appearing on the show Gold Rush aired by Discovery Channel.


Roger Schnabel’s Father John Schnabel Net Worth, Children, Age, Died By pushpanjali in People on July 4, 2019 John Schnabel was notorious American television personality and miner.


Contents1 Where is Roger Schnabel?2 Early Life3 Career Development4 Personal Life5 Biography6 Personal Life and Loved Ones7 Appearance that is Private and Measurements8 Net Worth and Salary9 Quick Summary Where is Roger Schnabel? Roger Schnabel is a gold miner by profession and is extremely famous because of this.


John Schnabel is an American gold miner and he has an estimated net worth of $5 million. A legendary gold miner from Alaska, he founded the Big Nugget Mine, an infamous mine on the edge of Porcupine Creek. His son, Roger Schnabel, is part owner of the mine.


Parker Schnabel Net Worth 2019. By. Net Worth 2019-February 20, 2019. ... He was born to parents Nancy Schnabel and Roger Schnabel. He also has a brother named Payson. He was raised in Porcupine Creek, Alaska. His maternal grandfather John Schnabel is also a Gold Rush Star and is the founder of ‘Big Nugget Mine’. Schnabel also has a pet ...


Roger Schnabel is the father of Parker and Payson, by his wife Nancy; and son of John Schnabel. Roger is part owner (with John) of the Big Nugget Mine. He is called into the Big Nugget Mine to help his dad and son. During Parker's tenure of boss, Roger was called in to help Parker to build a...