The following is a poem from Rod McKuen's book "Listen to the Warm": "These long years later it is worse, for I remember what it was as well as what it might have been." Another poem in McKuen's book is “Now is next to n... More » Art & Literature Literature Poetry

“If I Could Fly,” “If You Go Away,” “Seasons in the Sun,” “Love's Been Good To Me” and “Soldiers Who Want To Be Heroes” are some Rod McKuen songs. Rod McKuen is a songwriter, singer, poet and musician. His recordings inc... More » Art & Literature

Famous poet Shel Silverstein's long-form poem "A Perfect High" is an example of anti-drug poetry. Other anti-drug poems include "Among School Children" by William Butler Yeats and "Adolescence" by Claude McKay. More »

A dramatic poem is a piece of poetry about a character's thoughts or spoken statements, according to Unlike other forms of poetry, these poems are not written about the actual author of the piece. More »

Alliteration can be used in poetry to drive the rhythm of the poem or to draw the reader's attention to a certain phrase or line. Alliteration can be found in both classic and contemporary works of poetry. More » Art & Literature Literature Poetry

Based upon the ancient Greek origin of the elegy, a traditional mourning poem, the roots of elegaic poetry were founded by Renaissance poets Ben Jonson, Alexander Pope and John Donne. These roots define the proper elegy ... More » Art & Literature Literature Poetry

To write your boss an appreciation poem, follow the instructions on how to write poetry, and read the discussion about poem structure, techniques and types of poems on Creative Writing Now. Many different poems appreciat... More » Art & Literature Literature Poetry