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The Rockwell Hardness Chart measures the depth of indentation upon application of a total force under a preliminary force to determine the relative hardness of various metals and some plastics. The measurement is relative because the measurement has no units.


The main causes of skin indentations are lipoatrophy, fluid retention or a disease called edema. Kidney problems can also result in retention of excess fluid, leading to skin indentations.


An indentation is to be one-half inch, which equates to approximately five spaces. However, technically speaking, an indentation is governed by its measurement and not by a space count.


To create a hanging indent in Microsoft Word, highlight the relevant text, then right-click and select “Paragraph”. On the Indentation and Spacing icon, click the drop-down arrow at “Special”, then select “Hanging” from the drop-down list. Click OK at the bottom of the dialog box. This process appli


To convert a Rockwell hardness number, find the value under the correct Rockwell column on a hardness conversion chart and move horizontally across the table until you reach the column with the desired units. Although though there is no such thing as a Rockwell hardness conversion chart, a hardness


To see a chart of where various metals and materials fall on the Rockwell Hardness Scale, navigate to sizes.com/units/hardness_rockwell.htm. The website contains a brief description of the Rockwell Hardness Scale and is followed by a table containing 30 different hardness scales.


An indented letter style is a letter-writing style where the paragraphs are indented, and the date, closing and signature start at the center of the line. The paragraphs are typically indented by half an inch.


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Injury during birth, head trauma, vitamin A toxicity, separated or malformed sutures, application of pressure, or rare congenital conditions can cause indentations in the skull, according to Healthline. When one of the skull's bones cracks, the depressed skull fracture sometimes dents inward, accord


An indentation in a leg muscle can be caused by skin pulling toward a minor hematoma, according to Dr. Ashish Verma from HealthcareMagic.com. The indentation typically goes away naturally in a few weeks, or a doctor can fix it cosmetically.