The rockhopper penguin is characterized by the crest located on the top of its head that has spiky black and yellow feathers. It also has unique, bright red eyes and pink feet. This variety is the smallest of all penguin... More » Pets & Animals Birds Penguins

Rockhopper penguins can be found living on the shores of the windy islands to the north of Antarctica and can also be found in New Zealand, the Falkland Islands and Chile. Rockhopper penguins live in colonies that can nu... More »

The yellow-eyed penguin is a rare species of penguin that inhabits the southern island of New Zealand, Steward Island, Campbell Island and the Auckland Islands. It is listed as an endangered species. Adults grow to 24 to... More » Pets & Animals Birds Penguins

The emperor penguin is near the top of the food chain, feeding on fish, krill and squid. Only large marine mammals feed on the emperor penguin, including sharks. More »

Royal penguins are a species of crested penguin that inhabit the waters around Antarctica. The males, which are larger than the females, grow to about 30 inches in length. Though they roam as far as Australia, New Zealan... More »

There is no special word for a male penguin. However, it is technically possible to refer to a male penguin as a "cock," which is the conventional term for males of any bird species. Likewise, "hen" can be used to refer ... More »

Female and male penguins do not have specific names and are difficult to tell apart. During mating season it may be possible to differentiate the male from the female because the male often leaves muddy footprints on the... More »