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The difficulty of putting together a kit car depends on the specific kit, but most people can expect to spend hundreds of hours of work and perform research for installing specific components. Some car kits also require welding, which requires training and certification in many places.


Some universities, such as the University of Maine Extension Office and the University of Oklahoma, also offer free soil-collection kits. The Virginia Cooperative Extension provides free soil-sampling kits at its local offices, and the King Conservation District in Renton, Washington, offers free ki


Retailers who sell rocking horse kits include U-Bild.com and RockingHorses.com. Both of these companies offer the kits on their websites and ship to customers' homes.


Proper use of a home air quality test kit usually involves following the kit's instructions for collecting surface or airborne samples using the materials included in the kit and mailing the samples to the specified laboratory for analysis. Upon completing the analysis, the laboratory responds with


Building a boat with a kit simplifies the process, but the difficulty of construction depends on the kit manufacturer, the skill level of the builder and the tools available. First-time builders working with a few tools find the process more difficult than those with experience and a fully equipped


To use a colon test kit, follow any dietary restrictions for three days before beginning the test, collect a stool sample using an enclosed collection stick, and apply it to the test card, according to the American Cancer Society. Test kits require samples from three consecutive bowel movements.


Use the Family Tree DNA test kit by rubbing the bristle end of the swab that comes in the kit against the inside of the cheek of the person to be tested to collect cells, and then sending the swab to a lab for genetic testing. Family Tree DNA offers a variety of tests for family ethnicity, paternal


There are home soil testing kits that require preparing a solution of soil and a testing tablet, and then comparing the color of the resulting solution to a chart to determine pH. Another type of testing equipment is a meter with a soil probe that gives a digital pH reading.


The results of a cholesterol home test kit provide an estimate of a person's cholesterol levels, allowing the person to monitor his cholesterol levels between appointments with his doctor, explains WebMD. Cholesterol home test kits provide fast results, typically within minutes. Knowing a person's c


A person uses a home blood type testing kit by piercing the tip of the finger with a lancet, collecting a small amount of blood, and applying the blood to a prepared testing card. The blood on the card will then react based on the person's blood type, according to CraigMedical.com.