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Here are some facts about Robin Hood. Robin Hood was an outlaw who, according to legend, lived in Sherwood Forest, near Nottingham. He regularly fought against his enemy, the Sheriff of Nottingham. Robin is known for dressing in green, for being a skillful archer and for robbing the rich to give to the poor. His […]


This site contains extensive information on Robin Hood. The contents include the rhymes or ballads as well as plays and songs. How did he die in the early tales or ballads, and who was the real Robin Hood, and was the original setting in Sherwood Forest or Barnsdale, and who was the original Maid Marian.


Interesting Facts about Robin Hood. ... Robin Hood is first mentioned in print in the late fourteenth-century poem Piers Plowman, which is commonly attributed to William Langland, a contemporary of Geoffrey Chaucer. It was a timely moment for the outlaw to enter literature: English literature as we know it was starting to emerge, and the ...


In demonstrating Yorkshire's Robin Hood heritage, the historian J. C. Holt drew attention to the fact that although Sherwood Forest is mentioned in Robin Hood and the Monk, there is little information about the topography of the region, and thus suggested that Robin Hood was drawn to Nottinghamshire through his interactions with the city's sheriff.


Robin Hood is a very popular folk hero. This legendary medieval outlaw with a heart of gold is believed to have lived in Sherwood Forest, England. The tales of his endeavors to rob from the rich and provide for the poor live on even today. Facts about Robin Hood.


1. No-one has been able to prove that Robin Hood existed. 2. The earliest certain mention of England’s greatest outlaw hero is found in the B text of William Langland’s Piers Plowman, dated to about 1377; there is a similar mention in the C text, dated to about 1393.. 3.


Here are some facts about Little John. Little John is a legendary outlaw, and friend of Robin Hood. He was Robin Hood’s second-in-command, and a member of his Merry Men. In most stories, Little John is very tall and fights with a quarterstaff. The name ‘Little’ is a joke. Sometimes, in some of the Robin […]


Robin Hood Facts: Lesson for Kids. Chapter 4 / Lesson 41 Transcript ... There's not very much information to support that Robin Hood was a real person in history. But there are some books and ...


Robin Hood. Robin Hood was the legendary bandit of England who stole from the rich to help the poor. The stories about Robin appealed to common folk because he stood up against — and frequently outwitted — people in power. Furthermore, his life in the forest — hunting and feasting with his fellow outlaws, coming to the assistance of those in need — seemed like a great and noble adventure.


Hollywood has come up with countless versions of Robin Hood and his Merry Men over the years, but only one of them stars a fox, a badger, and a wolf. ... 11 Oo-De-Lally Facts About Robin Hood. BY ...