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RNA polymerase copies the template strand of DNA and creates a complementary strand of messenger RNA. The newly created RNA strand serves as the template for creating a protein, so RNA polymerase is an essential component in the process of making proteins from the information encoded in genes.


You can contact LabCorp online through the company's website, labcorp.com. You can also contact the company's billing department by mail or phone. As of 2015, the phone number is 800-845-6167.


The function of RNA polymerase II is to synthesize mRNA using a DNA strand as a template, explains UC Davis BioWiki. The process, by which an mRNA strand is constructed from a DNA strand, is called transcription, and the product is called a primary transcript, notes North Dakota State University.


The most basic difference between DNA polymerase and RNA polymerase is that DNA polymerase is used in the replication of DNA, while the RNA polymerase transcribes DNA to RNA. DNA polymerase also makes fewer mistakes than RNA polymerase so the replicated DNA is more accurate than newly transcribed RN


The enzyme RNA polymerase works to produce primary transcript RNA, according to Nature Education. This makes it possible for cells to use DNA genes as templates to create chains of RNA, a process that is known as transcription.


Questions about tests and their results should be directed to the doctor who ordered them, according to LabCorp. Test results are available to residents of the United States who register with LabCorp Beacon: Patient, which is a free web-based service.


To view test results performed by LabCorp, the LabCorp website offers patients a portal at LabCorp.com. The patient portal is a free service offered by LabCorp that allows for the patient to view the lab results as well as download and print for personal records.


The LabCorp Test Menu is a page at LabCorp.com that allows users to search for laboratory tests, according to Laboratory Corporation of America. As of 2015, searches can be conducted by keyword, condition, test name, specialty or CPT code. Topic appendices, including for genetics and oncology, are a


To schedule a LabCorp appointment online, go to LabCorp.com and in the section for patients, select Schedule an Appointment. Enter your location into the form to find the LabCorp location where you want to go for your appointment. Also enter the type of tests you need, to ensure that only locations


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