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The general benefit of artificial intelligence, or AI, is that it replicates decisions and actions of humans without human shortcomings, such as fatigue, emotion and limited time. Machines driven by AI technology are able to perform consistent, repetitious actions without getting tired. It is also e


The disadvantages of artificial intelligence include breakdown and loss of important information. Scientists have tried creating machines that can imitate the intelligence of human, which has both its advantages and disadvantages.


Advantages of artificial intelligence include the continual operation of machines without tiring and losing memory and the ability to improve communications and information exchange within and across societies, while disadvantages include the breakdown of critical components and widespread use of AI


Increase your intelligence are by reading more, meditating, exercising, playing mentally stimulating games and learning to play an instrument. These activities stimulate the brain and can help improve overall intelligence.


Business intelligence refers to the tools and processes used to convert raw data into information that is useful to businesses. The term business intelligence describes both the process a company goes through to incorporate analysis software into its protocols and the actual software used for data a


Some of the most intelligent animals and creatures are the bee, elephant and ant. Sea animals that are extremely intelligent are the octopus and the dolphin.


Risks of artificial insemination include possible bacterial or viral infection in the uterus from the introduction of tools and specimen, as well as discomfort when the speculum or the catheter or tools used to hold the cervix in place are inserted, according to NW Cryobank. While the discomfort is


There are a variety of artificial lights, including LEDs, incandescents and gaseous discharge. Artificial light is that which people have created in order to provide illumination for buildings.


Social intelligence is a person's ability to understand and get along with other people. It is often colloquially referred to as people skills, and it often involves the ability to act differently in various social situations.


Artificial planning is the process of using artificial birth control to control the growth of a family by preventing unwanted pregnancy. Birth control is used when a couple does not feel that the time is right to have children for a number of reasons, including age or finances.