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It will typically take about six weeks to fully recover from an oblique muscle strain. Because of the long recovery time and near constant use of the muscles, you should start treatment as soon as possible. 1. R-I-C. Immediately after the strain occurs, you want to follow R-I-C and provide rest, ice, and compression.


Any sudden forceful movements are responsible for oblique muscle strain. Any kind of high-intensity exercises like crunches or sit-ups or any sort of sports like baseball, tennis or golf can cause Oblique Muscle Strain. Know the causes, symptoms, treatment, exercises and recovery period of oblique muscle strain.


Typical recovery time. While some mild oblique strains can be resolved in just a few days, severe strains can require surgery with a recovery time of 3-4 months. ... with a Grade 2 right oblique ...


Because these muscles are so heavily used in the day-to-day functions of the body, it’s important to begin treating a pulled oblique muscle as soon as possible. Learning how to treat a pulled oblique muscle can help you speed up the recovery process and get back on your feet.


An abdominal muscle strain often occurs suddenly, but it can develop more gradually due to overuse. Learning a few facts about abdominal strains can help you identify this injury and point you in the right direction on the road to recovery should you develop this ailment.


An oblique muscle strain is a strain to one of the muscles within the abdominal wall. Muscle strains occur whenever the muscles are stretched beyond their limits. Whenever this occurs, the muscle fibers end up tearing. Most of the time, the strain causes a microscopic tear in the muscle.


There tends to be a lot of anxiety around oblique strain recovery. In most cases though, an oblique muscle strain will heal within a couple weeks. This is, of course, when proper care is administered.


Now on to the story about how I recovered from my oblique strain… Any baseball fan can tell you that an oblique strain puts you on the Disabled List for at least 15 days if not more. As an athlete, I’ve had many injuries: a grade 2 hamstring tear, a rotator cuff strain, back pain, and cuboid syndrome.


OBJECTIVE. Our objective was to describe the normal MRI anatomy of the musculature of the lateral abdominal wall and the findings in athletes with side strain injury.CONCLUSION. MRI can delineate the sheets of musculature that make up the lateral abdominal wall. Side strain injury is caused by tearing of the internal oblique muscle from the undersurface of one of the lower four ribs or costal ...


Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Proffitt on abdominal strain recovery time: Typically this lasts just a few days. Try some Naproxen or ibuprofen. Feel better!