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The hilum of the lung is the wedge-shaped area on the central portion of each lung, ... the left hilum usually found slightly higher in the chest than the right hilum .


That is to say, both lungs have a region called the hilum, which serves as the ... anterior pulmonary plexus, superior vena cava, part of right atrium (right lung).


Mar 5, 2013 ... Pulmonary function tests diagnosed an obstructive syndrome. Chest X-ray showed a tumor mass of the right pulmonary hilum. Transbronchial ...


Each hilum contains major bronchi and pulmonary vessels; Hilar lymph nodes are not visible unless abnormal; The left hilum is commonly higher than the right  ...


A chest radiograph demonstrated a mass in the right pulmonary hilar region ( Figure ... right hilar mass with flecks of calcification and some low attenuation area.


Apr 1, 2020 ... …with the mediastinum at the hilum, a circumscribed area where airways, ... The right lung has three major lobes; the left lung, which is slightly ...


In human anatomy, the hilum sometimes formerly called a hilus is a depression or fissure where structures such as blood vessels and nerves enter an organ.


Dec 18, 2013 ... The radiologist then moves to the left lung and searches about 3 cm down from the right hilar region starting point and repeats b. and c. for the ...


Feb 9, 2016 ... ttroop7. right hilum area growth - 1272929. 7-29-15 the contrast CT report said new 15mm right hilar node no pathological effusion. 7mm and ...


The lung hila or roots are found on the medial aspect of each lung. The left and right lung roots are similar but not identical. Gross anatomy Left hilum In the left ...