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The right ear or gay ear is the ear that most homosexuals tend to get pierced more often than the left ear, hence when somebody who is heterosexual is getting their right ear pierced he is getting the gay ear pierced. Straight men should avoid getting this ear pierced if they wish to carry onward their straightness. Right=GAY Left=Straight Both=Normal


A Guide to Different Ear Piercing Types and Their Positions. Updated on February 16, 2019. ... One navel, my ear lobes double pierced, a nose piercing, daith and small (18g I believe) cartilage piercing on my right ear and double helix on my left ear that I just got! My daith healed fairly quick so I’m hoping my helix piercings heal within 2 ...


What Is the Meaning of an Earring in the Left Ear? There is no defined or widely accepted meaning behind a piercing in the left ear. While there have been urban myths regarding the meaning of particular ear piercings and homosexuality, none have proven to be consistently true.


Which ear piercing means your gay? The right side or the left? 7 following . 21 answers 21. ... Which side ear piercing does it mean your gay the left or right ear? More questions. What ear piercing means your gay right or left? What side of an ear piercing means "gay?"? Answer Questions.


If it were in my right ear, that would mean I was gay. It’s burned into my memory … Later on, I ended up liking piercings, and wanting to get more — but I couldn’t risk people thinking I was gay, so I just got more piercings in my left ear. Some time after that, of course, I made peace with the fact that I am gay.


Ear piercing is an ancient cosmetic practice of making a small hole through the lobe or near the edges of the ears. The pierced hole in your ears can allow you to wear the earrings for the purpose of beauty, identity, status symbol, or any other meaning. Get an insight on ear piercings for men best ideas, right or left side and studs.


Different ear piercings? This is a helix piercing. It means that you will be healing for about 12 months This is an industrial piercing. It means you are brave. This is a stretched conch piercing. It means you can see through it. Other than direct...


if you get your left ear pierced its alright, if u get them both, not gay but not cool, if u get your right ear pierced it means your gay === === It doesn't mean anything, I have a lot of ...


Which Ear Piercing Indicates Homosexuality? According to the New York Times, beginning in the 1960s, gay men sometimes wore single earrings in their right ears to indicate their sexual preference. As more men began to pierce their ears, the symbolism of the pierced right ear began to fade.


I want to get my ear pierced but I'm not sure which ear to do. The left ear is commonly known as the "gay ear" and when I was talking to a guy about piercing my ear he said, "no dude, it's the right ear", whilst giving me this look that I must be crazy to even consider piercing my left ear.