A left-brain right-brain test supposedly indicates which side of the brain an individual tends to favor when thinking, with left-brained people commonly thought to be more logical and right-brained people thought to be m... More »

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In general the right side of the brain controls visual and spatial information, while the left controls logic and language, says About.com. However, recent research suggests that both sides of the brain work together and... More »

The left side of the brain is generally dominant for language and other logical tasks. This side of the brain is also used for math or various calculations, according to the University of Washington. The left side of the... More »

Catawba Valley Community College's brain-dominance quiz, the BuzzFeed brain-dominance quiz and the Sommer + Sommer 30-second brain test are brief assessments to help someone determine if he is left or right brain dominan... More »

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The right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for creativity, and it controls the left side of the body. The right hemisphere is where rhythm, holistic awareness, creative thinking, spatial awareness and daydreaming o... More »

Heredity can influence behavior in many ways, with one such example being how color is processed in the brain; color blind people perceive the world in an alternative way, which can cause changes in how everyday tasks ar... More »

The questions that are on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) asks test takers to read statements, such as "Being around people exhausts me" and choose a box on the spectrum from "never" to "sometimes" to "always." Ot... More »

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