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Rhinoceros deserve close inspection, and recorded instances of their mating habits and reproductive cycles. The rhinos’ mating rituals are an interesting example of territorial herbivores and how they deal with their environment. Here are some particulars of the rhinos’ reproductive anatomy, mating habits, and how they raise their calves.


Female rhinos reach sexual maturity around 3 years of age, but males aren’t ready for breeding until around 7. The mating process is typical of most large mammals: The male mounts the female from behind and attempts to penetrate her quickly. But the courtship ritual that precedes that mating is anything but typical. ...


During the approaching mating period, a territorial bull rhino will join the female for up to 20 days. At first he accompanies the female by keeping a fair distance until she comes into full ...


Basic facts about White Rhinoceros: lifespan, distribution and habitat map, lifestyle and social behavior, mating habits, diet and nutrition, population size and status.


"Indian Rhinoceros (Rhino or Rhinoceros unicornis) mating at the Kaziranga National Park in Assam, India. This footage is extremely rare as it documents a rarely seen natural history phenomenon that normally takes place in very secluded wild spaces in the Indian wilderness, and has rarely been filmed or even seen before.


Captive-breeding programmes for Sumatran rhinos are increasingly important for the future survival of the species. All Sumatran-rhino-holding organisations meet for an annual Global Management and Propagation Board meeting, when they discuss breeding options.


Black Rhinos prefer densely wooded areas, with a lot of shrubs and plenty of water. HABITS: Black Rhinos are very solitary animals, with bulls associating with females only for mating. Sub adults and youngsters stay with their mother only until the next calf is born, when they are driven off to find their own territories.


Rhinoceros Feeding Rhino Diet and Eating Habits. Rhinoceroses are diverse in their eating habits and what they can ingest. Most rhinos are browse eaters, but a few are grazing eaters. They also have wonderful digestive abilities, and diverse tools to eat their food.


Everything you wanted to know about rhino sex (and some stuff you probably didn't) ... Although there is no specific breeding season for rhinos, females often enter oestrus early in the rainy ...