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Revocation Hearing Law and Legal Definition Revocation Hearing is a hearing held to determine whether or not a person has violated the conditions of probation. The judge conducts a hearing conducted to determine whether the probation is to be revoked.


At a revocation hearing, the judge determines whether or not the defendant admits guilt or pleas innocent to violating their parole or probation. This is legally termed the preliminary revocation hearing. If the probationer admits violating the conditions of probation or parole, the judge and prosecuting attorney determines whether the ...


Recent Examples on the Web. The central bank hasn’t weighed in on the possible impact of a Nafta revocation or U.S. auto tariffs. — Paul Vieira, WSJ, "Canada Must Decide: It’s Either a Nafta Deal or a Smaller Economy," 31 Aug. 2018 Notice of revocation was sent to Einstein Monday, and families are being notified as well, according to the district.


Immediate revocation —even if revocation would be more effective by postponement—is the impulse of young wounded natures. Desperate Remedies | Thomas Hardy One of his ancestors, at the imminent risk of exile, had boldly opposed the revocation of the Edict of Nantes.


Parole Revocation Hearing. Once a parolee has been re-arrested for a violation, he will be held without bail in the county jail pending a hearing. The only people attending the parole revocation hearing are usually the parolee, the parole officer, and the hearing officer, though the parolee may have an attorney present if he desires.


The Probation Revocation Hearing. A probation revocation hearing happens in court, without a jury. Both the defense and prosecution may present evidence to show the judge why the defendant should or should not be subjected to whatever penalty the judge originally ordered, but suspended.


The revocation of a will takes place when a testator makes a later will containing terms that are inconsistent with the terms of an earlier will, or when the testator destroys the former will. A revocation by operation of law or constructive revocation occurs without regard to the intention of the parties.


At the revocation hearing the defendant strikes a deal with the prosecutor to attend drug counseling in exchange for a recommendation to reinstate probation, of which the judge grants. A couple of months pass and the defendant gets picked up for a felony drug case and is sitting in custody waiting on that case to move forward.


Define revocation. revocation synonyms, revocation pronunciation, revocation translation, English dictionary definition of revocation. n. The act or an instance of revoking. rev′o·ca·to′ry adj. n 1. the act of revoking or state of being revoked; cancellation 2.


A probation revocation hearing occurs when someone serving a probation sentence violates the terms of the probation, according to Nolo. This hearing determines if the probationer violated the terms of probation.