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Type the full telephone number including the area code into the search field of a free reverse phone lookup website, and hit the Search button. Some of the most popular free reverse phone lookup websites are WhitePages.com, AnyWho.com and Addresses.com. The search results should feature the desired


Reverse phone lookup can be useful when trying to determine the identity or origin of an unknown number on one's caller ID or a phone bill. In addition to a person or business name, information such as address and directions are also retrieved through reverse lookup services.


Verizon no longer operates a reverse phone lookup, as of 2015. The Verizon White Pages is limited to landline numbers. Those seeking reverse lookup information for mobile phone numbers must use other reverse phone directories.


The White Pages, Yellow Pages and Intelius offer free and paid reverse phone lookup services; reverse DNS lookup is available through sites such as Computer Hope. Generally, this is a free service and can be performed using a web page name, domain and IP address or location.


As of October 2015, there is no toll free number for Directory Assistance. Calls to Directory Assistance to lookup a residential or business phone number or to ask for reverse lookup costs up to around $2. Some phone companies, such as AT&T, give Directory Assistance exceptions to customers with dis


The most reliable reverse phone lookup services are paid subscription services. Paid services have some advantages, such as offering more confidential and secured options. Paid services also offer more details and have better customer service.


Perform a reverse phone number lookup on a business by entering the number in question on a reverse phone search website such as WhitePages.com or 411.com. Free services such as these provide the name and location of the owner of a phone number.


As of 2015, AT&T does not offer its own reverse number lookup service, but rather refers their customer to the service that is provided on Yellowpages.com. This advice is prefaced with a disclaimer that any information found using the service is not provided by AT&T, but by a third party.


To use the reverse phone number lookup feature on YellowPages.com, simply type a phone number into the search box provided. This tool allows users to access information on people who call or text them. The website features a massive white pages directory with phone numbers.


Whitepages.com and Yellowpages.com provide the name and address associated with a telephone number in its database at no charge. Both websites provide results for landlines and some VoIP numbers but not for cellphones.