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Most reusable K-Cup filters are made from a combination of plastic and metal. The Keurig My K-Cup filter, for example, features a plastic frame and a finely perforated metal mesh filter. Reusable K-Cup filters also include a plastic cap to keep the coffee grounds in place and a plastic case that fit


As of 2015, user reviews on Drugstore.com rate the EkoBrew Cup as the top reusable K-Cup filter. With more holes than most of its counterparts, it directs water flow to a larger area of grounds, making a bolder cup of coffee.


Some reusable everyday items are Clementine orange crates, old t-shirts, coffee cans and bottle caps. You can use Clementine orange crates to make shelving for storage or displaying small items. Sew old t-shirts together to make a memory quilt, and paint old coffee cans and use them as gift boxes. F


Cardboard boxes, water bottles and refined copper are examples of reusable resources. Unlike recyclable resources, which require reprocessing to be usable again, reusable resources can be used several times without having to remanufacture them.


A reusable energy resource is a source of energy that can be used constantly without fear of it running out. Examples of reusable energy resources include wind energy, solar energy and hydro-electric power.


Reusable building materials are advantageous because they decrease the overall cost of construction. Additionally, reusable materials can add durability, low-maintenance qualities and a sense of history to a project.


Examples of reusable building materials include wood waste, doors, windows, cabinets and flooring. Reusable building materials include those that construction companies use in the conventional way, adapt for new uses or recycle for new uses.


A reusable Vue cup is a small reusable coffee filter cup made for the Keurig Vue coffee maker. Vue cups are compatible only with the newer Keurig Vue coffee makers, although an adaptor is available that enables users with the older K-cups to use them in their Vue machines.


Evidence collected by researchers suggests that some enzymes are reusable. Researchers collect, harvest or modify enzymes for conducting research and for different applications as needed.


Space heater parts can sometimes be reused between similar models. However, space heaters often use proprietary, single-purpose parts, whereas central heating systems typically use standard parts that other manufacturers use as well.